Iphone applications

Fliware is a one-man company dedicated to making iPhone applications.

Avaition Theme
Aircraft Altimeter
A simulated Altimeter using the iPhone GPS to display a photo realistic altimeter similar to those found on general avaiation aircraft.   Stores maximum altitude. 
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Aircraft Horizon
Uses the iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometers to simulate a photo realistic Artificial Horizon, or Attitude Indicator similar to those found in general avaition aircraft.
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Aircraft Airspeed
Uses the iPhone 3g GPS to simulate a photo realistic Airspeed Indicator.  Has different scales and adjustable colored arcs.
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Aircraft Heading
Uses the iPhone 3g GPS to simulate a photo realistic Heading Indicator.  Configurable to show cardinal directions.
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Active Life Stlye
iHang Time Jump Meter
When you jump, your body experiences zero-g.  This application uses the iPhone accelerometers to calculate the amount of  time that your iPhone experiences zero-g (Hang Time).  An estimated free fall and jump up-down distance is displayed.  

Using information from the iPhone GPS iHangTime will calculate the horizontal distance traveled while air borne as well as the latitude and longitude.   

Has a great graph to display the accelerometer data for the x, y, and z axis.

This application is very customizable and configurable to work for just about any activity that gets you Hang Time.

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Vehicle Clinomter
4x4 enthusiasts, Jeep owners, and Off Road drivers routinely face the risk of roll-over.   This application can help reduce the risk by displaying a clinometer, also known as a  tilt meter, using the iPhone's built-in accelerometers.

- Displays Roll and Pitch gauges.
- Compass display for iPhone 3G.
- Very smooth and realistic operation.
- Zero function to level the clinometer
- Adjustable yellow and red zones for Roll and Pitch
- Audible alerts for yellow warning and red danger zones.
- Pop-Up GPS information display provides Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Altitude, and Heading.  

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Chea.P.S. is a map viewer that displays Google map data as you have never seen it before.
- 3d Perspective View / map tilt.
- 2 different views that can display map, satellite and hybrid data.
- Magnify the maps so it is easier to read the small print.
- Rotate the map so the GPS track is always up, or use the compass heading on an iPhone 3Gs.
- Display of Speed, Altitude, and Direction.
- Very nice interface.

Chea.P.S. only displays Google maps in a way that is more useful than a traditional flat map view. 
For this reason, Chea.P.S. is a very low cost application.
- This application does not do turn by turn directions.
- This application does not provide routing information.
- This application does not store waypoints. 
This application does not allow searching of Google maps.

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The only “Official” simulator for Sport Stacking (Cup Stacking).  Developed in partnership with Speed Stacks, “The Leader In Sport Stacking”.

iStack sport stacking (aka: cup stacking, speed stacking)

iStack® is the official Speed Stacks sport stacking game (also known as cup stacking or speed stacking) for iPhone and iPod Touch.  Approved by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA), iStack lets you stack anywhere.

Test your finger stacking skills with one of the three WSSA competition stacks; the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, or the challenging Cycle Stack.  iStack’s built-in StackMat works just like the real thing by timing your stacking and storing your 10 fastest times for each of the 3 stacks.  The iStack timer can even be used to time yourself when stacking with real Speed Stacks cups.

So your best stacking times can be compared with others, iStack only allows you to stack using the official WSSA sequences but once you have finished the stack, the game goes into free stack mode, which allows you to play around and practice your moves.  

iStack has fun sound effects, cool graphics, and lets you choose your cup color and StackMat design. And if your not sure how to do any of the 3 official stacks, just select one of the six Speed Stacks stacker training sessions from the setup screen (Internet connection required).

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iWeeks: Week Number Calculator
iWeeks is the ultimate week number calendar that simplifies date math using week numbers while directly viewing the calendar.

Important Features:
- Easy to use, intuitive interface.
- The date format and calendar language follows the Region Format of your device.
- Week first day of week and minimum days in week 1 can be set independently of the Region Format
- Set the reference date to any date in the past or future, or use today's date.
- Scroll dates independently before and after the reference date
- See the number of weeks from the reference date
- See the week number for any week in the calendar
- Up to 4 months can be seen on the screen at once.

- The calendar has the capacity of up to 1 year before and  2 years after the reference date.   The reference date can be set to any date in the past or future.
-  Depending on the settings, iWeeks can take up to 15 seconds to generate the calendar.   
 The calendar is regenerated whenever settings are changed or the reference date is changed.

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Here are some screen shots of Fliware applcations.